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Weak Eyesight – How to Fix it With Eye Exercises

Weak eyesight is a common problem that we have to face today. Even young children at tender age have to use eye glasses due to various vision conditions. Weakness in some part of the brain may be a reason of eye deterioration, but the major causes of weak eyesight include watching TV or working in front of a computer for a long period without break, reading in inappropriate distance or lighting, digestive disorder, unbalanced nutrition, lack of vitamins and poor diet. For some people stress and excessive use of alcohol can also create eyesight problems.

Regular eye exercises to improve and maintain good vision

1. Rolling the eyes

One example of the exercises is rolling the eyeball in circular motion then move them upward and downward. This exercise can help strengthening your eye muscles and reduce the strain.

2. Palming

Another simple exercise is by relaxing your eyes through palming. Warm your palms by rubbing it together then cover your eyes gently and make sure there is no light entering to your eyelids. Stay in that position for a few minutes. As stress is the main cause of weak eyesight, this relaxing eye exercise is excellent to help improving your vision.

2. Sunning

Another therapy to strengthen the vision is ‘sunning’. Your eyes need energy. And the most powerful source in the earth is sunlight. Stay in a shady area on a sunny morning then close your eyes. Do not face directly to the sun. First, make sure sun rays enter your eyelids and forehead then move your head from right to the left then left to the right slowly. Perform this exercises for about 2-3 minutes. You can feel the warmth of the sun relax your face, eyes and the neck. This exercises will help you to see clearly in bright light as well as in minimum light.

3. Blink often

Blinking is important. Do a lot of blinking because it cleans and lubricates and refreshes the eyes, which is especially important if you are working in a place that use air condition or heater. Blink frequently while working with your computer.

4. Rest and sleep

Take good rest and sleep. Sufficient sleep can help improve weak eyesight because it reduces eye muscles stress.

While doing the exercises remember to take off your glasses or contact lenses and focus intensely on the work of your eyes. Do them regularly at least 3 times a day.

To achieve a fast and optimum result you have to combine the exercises with a good diet because healthy eyes need good nutrients.


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