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The best Suhoor for weight loss in Ramadan

Best suhoor for weight loss

The right choice of food and the organization of food protects the body from many health problems, and in a different site we offer you the best Suhoor for slimming, and because Ramadan is on the doors we offer you the best types of Suhoor that support the diet and protect the body from health problems.

How to lose weight through the best suhoor for slimming

Losing excess weight is one of the most important things that most people seek to reach, through changing the diet or following diets, where weight loss depends mainly on changing bad eating habits and choosing a good diet, and we strive to reduce calories Eating healthy foods, and the month of Ramadan is considered one of the best opportunities for weight improvement, and it should be used appropriately.

Weight loss benefits
Best suhoor for weight loss
For diabetics, losing excess weight reduces the percentage of diabetes medication use and reduces complications for the diabetic patient.
Drinking milk and cheese at suhoor and iftar increases the health of bones and teeth.
Foods that contain dietary fiber, such as legumes, vegetables and fruits, reduce the incidence of diseases and increase the body’s immunity, as well as feeling full and reluctance to eat, and reduce the incidence of cancer and prevent obesity.
Diversity in eating foods, especially green ones such as spinach, lettuce and green onions because they contain minerals and vitamins, and red and orange vegetables such as carrots and beans because they contain fiber and protein.

We should avoid eating processed foods, such as sweets, chips and canned meals, or eat them in moderation, because they contain large amounts of processed sugars and saturated fats.

Best suhoor for weight loss
The benefits of eating suhoor is the best suhoor for weight loss
Suhoor provides the fasting person with energy during the day in Ramadan, so the Suhoor makes fasting easy for the fasting person.
It reduces the chances of headache and fatigue during the day and maintains the fasting blood sugar levels.
It reduces the feeling of thirst if the fasting person eats what helps reduce his thirst during the day.
It helps to give the body the adequate amount of vitamins and minerals it needs during the day.
Suhoor is very important, as it should be a meal rich in vitamins and minerals that the body needs during the day, so that the fasting person will feel energetic and comfortable during the day.

For a healthy Suhoor and the best Suhoor for slimming, we recommend the following:
Suhoor food should contain a variety of (proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fiber).
Drink enough water, milk or natural juices.
The fasting person should avoid salty foods such as nuts, sweeteners, olives, and canned and preserved foods.
Avoid eating sweets and starches at suhoor because they help you feel thirsty during the day.
Light sweets such as rice with coffee and pudding can be eaten because they make the fasting person feel full during the day.
Final stay away from foods that contain large amounts of spicy or saturated oils and spices.
A good and balanced Suhoor should contain bread or an alternative of rice or pasta.
It should contain protein from legumes or dairy and cheese.
Some vegetables and fruits.
A glass of milk or milk.
What can we offer our children in the Suhoor meal?
The most important focus of the mother should be in providing a healthy meal of breakfast or suhoor for her children, which must contain eggs, cheese, dairy, and some vegetables and fruits, which activate the digestive process and provide her children with energy and activity during the fasting period.

The diet changes in Ramadan, where meals are reduced from three meals during the day to one meal, which is the main breakfast meal, and then the Suhoor meal from which the fasting person derives his energy during a day of fasting.

And suhoor should have the elements that fight thirst and hunger during the day and avoid fatty foods because they only increase weight and increase hunger and thirst for the fasting person, and water is of prime importance during the fasting period and during the day as a priority, so it is preferable during breakfast. At first, eat a plate of soup or stew.

It is necessary to take quantities of dates and some dried fruits in the suhoor meal, because they provide the body with what it needs of natural sugars, and to dispense with ready-made juices, because they provide the body with sugars that cause obesity.

The main objective of Suhoor is to make the body store water for the period of fasting during the day, and we should not eat what causes thirst and reduce food harmful to health, and cause obesity, so we should look for the best Suhoor for slimming and the best healthy breakfast for the family.

In other words, we eat food that satiates us for a longer period and provides us with sufficient energy for the fasting day.

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