March 31, 2023
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Probing Two Main Hazards of Fast Food Restaurants

Life in many ways is hectic and stressful, which keeps us on edge as we feel as though we are pressed with urgency to keep up with the daily schedule, yet we still seem to come up short on time to meet all our daily activities. Because of our shortness of time we are tempted to make use of the convenience of fast food restaurants that allow us to pop in and out without much trouble. However, it is time that we be concerned about our health and take a good look at what these kind of establishments are feeding society.

While there are a variety of different reasons for avoiding the fast food restaurants, most of which we don’t dwell on. There are concerns like obesity and the total calories that foods contain which are constantly analyzed and evaluated in the media and other studies. In the overall picture there are two main reasons why we should stay clear of fast food.

Low Levels of Food Quality

When most people think about fast food, the quality of the food doesn’t usually come to mind. Those who seek out this type of food are thinking more about satisfying their momentary hunger cravings, rather than what is going into their bodies. The fact is, most fast food is low-grade and of poor quality. This not only includes the contents that are used, but also the process of preparation and the ingredients.

The ingredients of fast food are cloaked in a mystery of terminology in the technical jargon of scientific abbreviations for various chemicals, preservatives and stabilizers and others that are identified with hard to pronounce words, while many proteins that are listed aren’t really what they are alleged to be. Regardless of the new practice of releasing information about the contents of their menus, restaurants are still retaining a certain amount of mystery as to exactly what goes into everyone’s favorite fast food.

In most cases, one can recognize the quality of food by the quality of is ingredients, which simply isn’t up to a good standard. From the rubbery cheese to the wilting lettuce, it is obvious that the most inexpensive products are being used to yield the largest volume of food possible.

The key process for fast food is in the preparation. The whole objective is to be fast. However, there is always a cost. Companies demand that their employees cut corners in order to speed up the cycle of what it takes to keep the job moving efficiently. As a result, more frozen food is relied upon than anyone would think, while the employees that are handling the food are improperly trained. Is all this really worthwhile, just to get a cheeseburger at a cheap price?

Questionable Health Effects

While considering all the disadvantages thus far, there is also the great effect that all this has on the health when fast food is made the main source of the diet. Weight gain is an unavoidable consequence; based on the fact that the food is so high in fat content. But besides that, this kind of food is very low in nutritional value, something that we need to bear in mind. In most cases, essential vitamins and minerals are far from adequate in a fast food meal. Instead, it is loaded with preservatives, synthetics, stabilizers, food colorings and sweeteners. Even the “healthy options” on menus are loaded with high cholesterol fats that are something that should be avoided in a good daily diet.

Fast foods may be a primary resort in many diets across the country, but they get merit that isn’t deserved, largely due to public ignorance. The reasons to avoid fast food is vastly numerous, many of which we don’t commonly hear about. More public awareness needs to be conveyed of what everyone is putting into their bodies when they are indulging in the convenience of eating at fast food restaurants.

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