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How to participate in the MBC Dream Contest 2021

The method of participating in the Dream Contest 2021 is simple and does not require much effort, as many viewers are interested in paying attention to it and understanding its registration conditions, so through this topic presented by Ziada, we will understand all the participations in the dream contest on MBC .. Knowledge related to the method.

How to participate in the Dream Contest 2021 MBC

The dream competition is presented via the MBC channel network through the gym echo program, where the name of the winner is drawn immediately, then he is contacted and notified of his victory and handed over millions of dollars in rewards or other material benefits. Dream home Greece.

Dream Quiz is an interactive quiz. On the one hand, we look at luck. For this reason, many people are busy participating in the MBC Dream Contest. Let us introduce you to how to enter the contest:

Send a text message with the words “dream” or “dream” over the phone, or you can directly call the short number in your country/region.
The question was answered correctly.
With the correct questions answered, the chance of winning is greater.
Then sign up for the form on the official MBC website.
The last step is to participate in downloading the Dream Smartphone application, and it should be noted that the winners are chosen randomly and fairly, and the winners will receive their prizes approximately two months or more after the end of the competition.
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What are the requirements for registration in the dream competition?

Many people are busy understanding how to participate in the MBC Dream Contest and the conditions for participating in the contest, so we will show you all the content related to the contest terms as follows:

Entrants must be at least 18 years old, and for those under 18, their parents are the signatories of all papers related to the competition.
Sweepstakes will be held in all countries/regions, so MBC will not favor winners from certain countries/regions.

To participate, simply send the word dream or dream, without sending any other words.

Questions must be answered to enter and participate in the competition.
It is better if you answer a lot of questions to increase your chances of winning.
If you win the game and receive a real-time notification, you will receive another call to complete the official paperwork.
Login information
After understanding how to participate in the MBC Dream Contest, before taking the steps to participate, you should want to know all the other information you can understand, including:

Know that there are no set rules to follow to win the dream game, but all you have to do is participate in the game and answer the questions, the more you answer the different questions, the better your chances of winning.
The lottery for the winners is a completely random live stream.
You can register for the competition by sending a text message with the word “dream” or “dream” written on it on the phone, or you can register for the competition through the official website of the online event.
Viewers from all countries can participate in the competition.
If your country/region does not have a special number to participate in the competition, you can participate with the specified international number, or you can register on the official Dream website and wait to receive the password and answer the questions.


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